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Photo of Tintagels Gate

Welcome to Tintagels Gate!

A Time of Valor and Mystery

Welcome to our new online store!

Tintagels Gate is a Medieval, Magical, and Metaphysical shop located in Athol, Massachusetts. We carry everything from tarot cards and crystals to handmade swords and jewelry!

We also host a variety of events at our store in Athol, as well as offering palmistry, tarot, and Eden Energy Medicine services... so be sure to Follow us on Facebook!

Featured Products

Lugh Lugh

Celtic Sun God. Lord of Every Skill Lugh and his nature goddess consort were worshiped during Lugnasad, a 30-day midsummer feast held in Ireland, to…


Guardian Statue Guardian Statue


Red Baby Dragon Red Baby Dragon

Dragons aren’t born as mean, ferocious lizards that fly the skies and rain fiery death down upon the lands. In fact, as the Red Baby…


Moon Crest Knife Moon Crest Knife

Crescent Blade


Merlin Merlin

A British Pagan interpretation of the much-loved Archmage, Merlin is a shamanic figure who honors the earth. He is seen here as the guardian of…


Excalibur Dagger Excalibur Dagger

Historical Short Sword 17″ Overall Excalibur Short Sword Includes Scabbard