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Religious & Magical Statuary

Anubis Scales Of Justice Anubis Scales Of Justice


Aphrodite Venus Aphrodite Venus

Roman Goddess of Love. Goddess of the Oceans. This famous image, Venus rising from the sea foam, comes from wall frescos at Pompeii, the Italian…


Baba Yaga Plaque Baba Yaga Plaque

Fierce Goddess of life, death and hidden lore. Baba Yaga says, “Intelligence ripens with age.” In Slavic oral traditions, Baba Yaga was the old crone…


Bast Sistrum Bast Sistrum

Chants, songs, incense; the ringing jingle of the sistrum was central to Egyptian goddess worship. We have recreated this Egyptian sacred rattle to glorify Bast….


Bastet Bastet

Bastet Egyptian Goddess


Bastet Bastet


Bastet Bastet

Bastet, The Feline Goddess.


Black Madonna de Sous Black Madonna de Sous

Chartres Cathedral’s Subterranean Black Madonna. She stands in the ancient Druid grotto beneath Chartres Cathedral. Chartres itself is a symphony of sacred geometry, famous for…


Black Obelisk Black Obelisk



Celtic Triple Goddess. Healer. Alchemist. Queen. A lovely altar piece for daily inspiration. Reclaim the power of three! 4″ cold cast bronze statue.



Bast, the Sacred Cat, the Egyptian goddess of pleasure, music, dancing and joy. She represents the moon in its function of making a woman fruitful,…


Cerridwen Statue Cerridwen Statue

Mother of Taliesin. Cauldron of Inspiration. Great earth goddess associated with the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth, worshiped at harvest time. She tends…


Corn Dolly Corn Dolly

Abundance. The original folk image of the Goddess. Sacred in all lands, the Corn Mother, or Corn Dolly, was a small figure made and adorned…



Goddess of flowing rivers. Mother of the ancient Celts. Danu is thought to be the great mother of the race of the Tuatha De Danaan,…


Death/Rebirth Greenman Death/Rebirth Greenman

This Lord of the Woods stands eternal, a Green Man holding the Sacred Snake of death and rebirth. In him are combined the oak, the…


Egyptian Faience Tiger Egyptian Faience Tiger


Egyptian Hippo Egyptian Hippo

This hippopotamus is made from cold cast resin and hand painted for a faux glazed finish. Its design is based on that of the blue…


Epona of Denon Epona of Denon

Celtic goddess of horses bestows her blessing. This image from Denon in Gaul shows Epona placidly seated on a mare, accompanied by a foal, with…


Falcon Statue Falcon Statue


Freya Freya

Freya ruled Odin’s Valkyries and is reputed to have taught him women’s mysteries. Together with her consort-brother Frey she was ruler of the Vanir, ancient…


Freya on Boar Freya on Boar

This Norse Goddess sometimes rode upon the boar, Hildisvini, probably a metaphorical image of sacred sexuality designed to bring crop fertility. [19th century art image]…


Ganesh Writing Ganesh Writing

Inspiration. Devoted study. Artists’ Inspiration As he wrote down the Mahabarata, dictated to him by the sage Vyasa, the pen broke; Ganesh snapped off a…


Guardian Statue Guardian Statue


Gundestrup Kernunnos Gundestrup Kernunnos

The Horned One Kernunnos, God of the wild wood. Timeless, tireless guardian of all living things. Reproduced from the famous Gundestrup Cauldron. The Celtic Father…


Happy Buddha Happy Buddha

Happy Buddha


Hathor Hathor

Egyptian Goddess


Hecate Hecate

Goddess of Primal Power. Greek Hecate embodies the original Holy Trinity who held sway over heaven, earth and the underworld. Her torch of lunar fire,…


Hecate Plaque Hecate Plaque

Goddess of the Night In these midnight colors, the Triple Goddess reveals her wisdom and healer aspects, which were vital to midwives and common people…


Isis W/Child Isis W/Child


Kali Ma Plaque Kali Ma Plaque

Kali Ma on Shiva Kali Ma is depicted here in her pose from the famous story which tells of the height of her destructive/protective powers…



The Horned One Kernunnos, God of the wild wood. Timeless, tireless guardian of all living things. Reproduced from the famous Gundestrup Cauldron. The Celtic Father…



Goddess of herbal wisdom and prosperity.Kerridwin is the Welsh Triple Goddess. Her cauldron was the Celtic symbol for prosperity and rebirth, and she herself is…


King Tut Bust 4′ Color King Tut Bust 4′ Color


Labyrinth Goddess Labyrinth Goddess

Labyrinth Goddess by Abby Willowroot The path to enlightenment. One side depicts the oldest known maze design. The other side shows three forms of the…


Labyrinth Lord Labyrinth Lord

Pentacle Lord Lord of the Sun. One side shows pentacle and Celtic knotwork designs with a sun disk overhead. The other contains the virile oak…


Large Anubis Large Anubis

Large Anubis Egyptian God



She holds the rod and ring of Sumerian royalty. Lions and owls symbolize her power and wisdom.Levite priests who assembled the Bible called Lilith a…



She holds the rod and ring of Sumerian royalty. Lions and owls symbolize her power and wisdom.Levite priests who assembled the Bible called Lilith a…


Lugh Lugh

Celtic Sun God. Lord of Every Skill Lugh and his nature goddess consort were worshiped during Lugnasad, a 30-day midsummer feast held in Ireland, to…


Magician Magician

Magician holding Crystal ball


Medb Statue Medb Statue

Intoxicating Queen of Desire. Power, pleasure, Honey wine. Queen of the Fairies. Medb is a goddess to be reckoned with. Her name translates to “she…


Medicine Buddha Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha


Merlin Merlin

A British Pagan interpretation of the much-loved Archmage, Merlin is a shamanic figure who honors the earth. He is seen here as the guardian of…



This lovely Spiral Goddess was designed for Sacred Source by sculptor Abby Willowroot in conjunction with the Goddess 2000 Project, whose simple goal is to…



At the top is the self-sacrificing maiden Aliquipiso of the Oneida tribe; then Irriaku, the Corn Mother who connects the Pueblo people with the Earth;…


Obelisk Obelisk


Odin Plaque Odin Plaque

The mercurial Wizard King on his mountain-top seat with raven messengers. Odin was worshiped throughout disparate cultures and has conflicting legends ascribed to him. He…


Sacred Altar Votive Set Sacred Altar Votive Set

The inspiration behind this set was to design pieces for your magical altar that will enhance your personal spiritual path or that of your coven.The…


Scarab Scarab

Egyptian Scarab


Sekmet Enthroned Sekmet Enthroned

The dark aspect of the divine feminine. Sekmet transforms darkness into light, suffering into healing, brings wisdom out of ignorance. Lion-headed and enthroned, Sekmet is…


Small Anubis Small Anubis


Sphinx Sphinx



Gnostic tradition holds her as the “Woman of Sorrows” who bathed Christ’s feet with tears, dried them with her long flowing hair, and anointed his…


Wheel of the Year Plaque Wheel of the Year Plaque

Wheel of the Year Honor the traditional holidays of the ancient Celts with this seasonal pictorial calendar. Rich symbolism in loving detail. 8 metal loops…



This seated Green Man represents the wisdom of primitive nature, the current of male creativity. Strong, organic, centered, here is depicted the energy of masculine…


Wise Crone Wise Crone

To know, to dare, to will, to be silent. This Wise Crone is fashioned by sculptor Abby Willowroot. She wears the cloak of Elder-wisdom and…


Yemaya dark skin Yemaya dark skin

Mother of Pearls. In Brazil, on New Year’s Eve, people celebrate the Feast of Yemaya on the beach by digging trenches in the sand and…



Protectress of the enslaved Yoruba people during the middle passage.Yemayah was brought to the New World by the peoples of Nigeria via Brazil and Cuba,…